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Visiting Warsaw

If you're already here, why not take a few days to visit one of our favourite cities?


Here's a list of places we've enjoyed the most on our previous visits.


Old Town - the old town was completely restored after WW2 using just a few photographs , and you wouldn't even consider that if you saw it! Worth a walk from Royal Castle all the way down to Krakowskie Przedmieście - the livelier part of the city.


Vistula Boulevards - the banks fo the big river - this is where the locals hang out on hot days. Has nice cafes and bars all the way along.


Warsaw Uprising Museum - a museum dedicated to a very tragic event at the end of WW2 - if you're into history this is definitely worth seeing.


Marie Curie Museum - the house where Marie Curie was born,  very small museum dedicated to her life with a cool mural outside.


Pawiak Prison - very small museum at the site of a WW2 prison. We almost got locked in there when visiting, but that's a longer story!

Places to Eat & Drink

Here are a few places we've tried before and that we liked.


Zapiecek - there's a chain of a few of these around - good entry-level to traditional Polish cuisine. Classics to try and that we liked here were żurek or barszcz czerwony from soups, and then pierogi (dumplings) from the mains.


Charlotte Menora - a Jewish/French themed bakery with good brunch options - Issy enjoyed the chopped liver here.


La Ban - Warsaw has a sizeable Vietnamese population that came in the 1950s - we enjoyed the Bahn Mi and Pho in this place, but there are plenty of other authentic options available in the City.

PINTA - a very good Polish brewery, with a good choice of craft beers. The other tap room we liked was Jabeerwocky. In general, Warsaw has a decent craft beer scene these days.

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